fine arts

Some of the greatest thinkers throughout history have emphasized the importance of the arts as a fundamental building block of education. Today, we see the arts being limited and removed from schools in an effort to cut costs and focus on standardized testing. At the same time, we see a world more in need of creative solutions than ever before. 

We believe the arts are not only an important way for children to discover their creative voice, but a primary way to better understand the world around them. Whether your child will be a musician, a contractor, or a physician, the arts will help equip them for the challenges ahead.


In addition to visual arts within the classroom, we offer classes two days each week where students explore drawing, painting, collage, print-making, mixed-media, sculpture, fiber, and clay. The art curriculum is aligned so that students build on the knowledge and skills learned in previous years in order to reach their artistic potential. Students also study artistic periods, famous artists, their styles and specific artistic works completed by each artist.  


Music making is a regular part of every day at CCS, from singing within the classroom, chapel, special performances, and music class. We combine the singing of folk songs, hymns, and newly composed songs to develop a joy of singing and a deeper understanding of melody, rhythm, harmony, and form. In addition to performances at the Christmas Program, Grandparent’s Day, and the End of School Program, private lessons and Honor Choir are also available.


The reading of plays is a regular part of the curriculum at CCS. However, specific grade level dramatic performances throughout the year as well as a major musical theatrical performance at either the Christmas or the End of School Program are highlights for parents, teachers, and students alike.