Language Arts

The Language Arts at Christ Church School are organized according to the guidelines of the Classical Trivium at the Grammar and Logic stages. Students learn how the English language is derived from Latin and Greek roots, and apply that knowledge as they spell and define words from a rich and varied vocabulary. Grammar is the basis of our understanding of the meaning and usage that words have in sentences, paragraphs, and longer pieces of writing. Students are involved in the analysis of grammar, as well as in its usage as they learn to write meaningful sentences, paragraphs, and stories. Poetry is studied at all levels.

The younger children in Pre-K, Young Learners, and Junior Kindergarten, become familiar with the written word in the use of Big Books, and Read Aloud books used in conjunction with their curricula, Happily Ever After and Texas Journeys. The students in Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades use Superkids and the books that accompany this series.

In Second Grade, chapter books are introduced, and are read together as a class. From this grade on, throughout each of the older grades at CCS, books are chosen to read, study, and discuss that are considered the classics and modern classics of American and Western Literature: Little House in the Big Woods (2nd grade); The Chronicles of Narnia (3rd grade); The Hobbit and Old Yeller (4th grade); Johnny Tremain and The Secret Garden (5th grade); Carry on Mr. Bowditch and Across 5 Aprils (6th grade); Lone Star and Lord of the Flies (7th grade) and Will's War and To Kill a Mockingbird (8th Grade). These titles are only a sampling of the rich variety of classics and award-winning books read by our students in grades two through eight. These novel studies coordinate with the history being studied at each grade level, reinforce the grammar and writing taught, and allow for deeper research, projects, and presentations by the students.