first grade

Language Arts

The Superkids for Grade 1 curriculum continues from kindergarten with the familiar characters teaching students decoding skills of more complex word forms and sentence structures. This comprehensive curriculum includes instruction in reading, writing and grammar, and spelling (including 150 Dolch words.) Students are encouraged to use previous knowledge of literature and life experiences to develop language skills, both oral and written. They emphasize the development of their comprehension and fluency skills by reading longer stories and focusing on developing their decoding and encoding skills. 

Social Studies

Students learn about holidays and special events, historical figures, patriots, and good citizens in the community in their study of history. The students study maps & globes, human needs & wants, and the value of work as their focus of study in geography and economics. They learn to value important symbols, customs, American beliefs & principles, and characteristics of good citizens in their study of government and citizenship. Critical thinking skills, problem solving, and decision-making skills are emphasized throughout the social studies curriculum.


The first graders at CCS use Saxon Math 2 and build upon the skills learned in Saxon Math 1 through repetition and review of those concepts. Throughout the year, they learn to work with larger numbers, basic geometric shapes, Venn diagrams and graphs, basic mathematical calculations, and simple fractions and multi-step problems. Saxon Math is supplemented with cognitively and developmentally appropriate real-world math challenges and problem solving activities.


In Biology for the Grammar Stage, the students will use their student workbook as a tool to create a lasting memory of their study for the year. Students will learn several types of scientific investigations processes. Ongoing projects are designed to be done over several weeks. For example, they will construct a bird feeder and hang it where it can be seen. Then they will record their observations of visiting birds and other interesting events in their journal. The students will be introduced to the scientific method and how a scientific test works by performing experiments, making observations then writing up the experimental process. Using the supplemental text, Focus on Elementary Biology, students study the characteristics of life, cells, taxonomy of living creatures and the specific attributes and processes exhibited by organisms in the kingdoms.


First grade students will be learning from the Acts of the Apostles and Paul’s ministry. The students will learn of the first Christian martyr Stephen, Peter’s work, and Paul’s missionary journeys. The year will conclude with a final lesson on  John’s revelation of heaven. Lessons will be introduced through story and projects, weekly memory verse and additional activities to reinforce their purpose. There will be inclusion of lessons throughout the year for special holy days and holidays such as Christmas and Easter.