Language Arts

Superkids is a comprehensive reading-language arts program. It contains and correlates reading, handwriting, auditory and oral language skills. Superkids for Kindergarten provides children with a thorough understanding of the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, the most basic elements of spoken and written language. We feel the communication skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) should not be isolated from each other. Therefore, children need time to experiment with reading and writing in the classroom by engaging in meaningful literacy activities. Our teachers provide children time to talk, listen, read and write. 

Social Studies

Students learn about holidays and special events, historical figures, patriots, and good citizens in the community in their study of history. Human needs & wants, the value of jobs, and the purpose of rules & authority figures in their study of economics and government. They learn to value important symbols, customs, American beliefs & principles, similarities and differences, and the importance of family customs in their study of citizenship and culture.


Saxon Math 1 is used in Kindergarten. Students begin with a review of numbers and counting, identifying shapes and numbers, and using manipulatives to add and subtract. By the end of the year, they are able to compute simple addition and subtraction problems, set up and solve word problems, count using tally marks, tell time to the hour and half hour, count coins, and answer calendar related questions. Saxon Math is supplemented with cognitively and developmentally appropriate real-world math challenges and problem solving activities.


In Intro to Science, students will work on increasing their observation skills as they learn from different topics within the major disciplines of science. Each weekly topic will emphasize a main idea. After introduction to the topic, the students will perform experiments and see science in action. Almost all of the experiments come from More Mudpies and Magnets. The goal is to allow the students to observe and tell what they have learned, thereby, allowing them to discover more about the world around them. The nature study component coordinates with the weekly topic. The students create their own nature study journals in which they will draw, glue pictures or record what they have learned from through their discovery and observation of the natural world that God created. Each weekly topic has additional suggested activities and books to provide for further investigation of the topic and enrichment opportunities.


Kindergarten students will carry on their study of Jesus ministry in the New Testament and end with the events immediately after Jesus ascension into heaven. The students will learn about Jesus’ teachings, miracles, parables, the last days of Jesus’ life before he ascended into heaven and end with the coming of the Holy Spirit in Pentecost. Lessons will be introduced through story and projects, along with a weekly memory verse. All preschool classes will include lessons throughout the year for special holy days and holidays such as Christmas and Easter.