Language Arts

Happily Ever After is a comprehensive reading-language arts program. Early reading skills are most effectively taught when integrated with the other language arts. Explicit instruction supports children at every step. A multi-modal approach develops the learning styles of all children. Motivation is key to the children's success. Happily Ever After teaches a rich curriculum of early literacy skills focusing on four areas: oral language and vocabulary, fine motor skills, direction following and listening skills.

Social Studies

Preschool helps children develop a sense of community outside the home. Social-studies learning begins as they make friends and participate in decision-making in the classroom. By introducing lessons on the Fruits of the Spirit, the teacher helps the children begin to develop a Christian worldview toward his classmates and his community. The children apply the concepts they learn in their classroom to understanding their neighborhood. As the child learn observation skills, they also learn to distinguish between different kinds of stores and what each store sells as well as where the merchandise comes from, who the customers might be, and why each store or building is important in a community. Additionally, the students will study about holidays and the history of cultural traditions such as Thanksgiving.


Spiraling skills are taught throughout the year. We use a variety of lessons from the kindergarten level Saxon Math program to provide concrete experiences utilizing manipulative and real world objects to build a solid foundation. Saxon Math is supplemented with cognitively and developmentally appropriate real-world math challenges and problem solving activities.


Naturally curious, children are young scientists throughout their daily life, especially at play. Science in the Pre-K 4 classroom will involve open-ended science experiences including: ice and bubbles, compost and seeds, magnets and gears, plant prints, baking mud pies, pouring and measuring water and much more. Students learn while they are observing, theorizing and developing science skills, as well as having fun. They will take nature walks and explore the wonders of the beautiful and interesting world that God created.

Using the Quirkles: Exploring Phonics Through Science series provides an innovative approach to integrate literacy and science. Vocabulary builders, related science experiments, and a character education lesson are included in each of the 26 alphabet series books. Each of the Quirkle stories and activities reinforce phonetic sounds serving as building blocks for literacy while making the learning of earth, physical and life science fun to learn. The activities and experiments in each of the Quirkle books involve hands-on science learning experiences that provide higher level learning opportunities.


Pre-K 4 students will be introduced to lessons starting with Creation through the time of the Judges. Our curriculum allows our students to be engaged in the lesson through a story, memory verses or memory pegs, and hand on projects to reinforce the object of each lesson. The students will learn about Adam and Eve, Joseph and his brothers, the Exodus and many more people and events from this first portion of the Old Testament. All preschool classes will include lessons throughout the year for special holy days and holidays such as Christmas and Easter.